the total shit music compilation album

as absolutely nothing is happening lately we have decided to MAKE AN COMPILATION ALBUM. everything is so boring and loney.

basically, we just want you to send us your absolute best-worst noise and we will use theses sounds to make somethnig fun… this is not to be a typical compuilation of songs submitted. no, we will mix and mangle everything. don’t be surprised if your beatiful slow song will played faster or maybe we will like your sound so much that it will repeat 10 times (“hmmm, maybe if i pitch this one up a couple of octaves it will work”)… we chop and we screw.


send your sounds to for a good time

you may title your tracks neatly and send a high quality audio file, but whatever… we will accept something like My Recording_231.mp4 by anonymous submitters too, if we dig the sounds that is!


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