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SUPERNOISE preevent#2 is gooing down at:

korsgade 30
copenhagen on

january 31st 2020

OPEN LINE-UP!!!! Bring gear and plug-in!!!

LORD GONZO from France will be there!!!

the maniax over at have made a completely open blog over at:

it's pretty silly. just send an email to and it goes straight to the freeblog! attach images and audio, no problem... no nag or anything. we at SxSx applaud for their BRAVERY... it is

the lunatix over at klonk on the other hand have made a forum over at:

it's also pretty silly. you need to register to take part in the posting action, but once you do you can post some pretty funky crap liek upside-down blinking text and shit.... it is

REMEMBER TO SHOW UP at Rosenørns Allé 22, 1970 Frederiksberg C, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK on january 31st 2020, for a PHYSICAL BLOCKADE of The Royal Danish Academy of Music!!

NO MUSIC, NO MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry to waste your time! See you soon!

The SxSx Team