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🖫 RIP clemon Sat 2020-04-18 4:16am No.51

too young, but he was a big fan of some of the clemon artists. cheers
🐓 🖫 anonymous Sat 2020-04-18 1:06pm No.55
Who died?
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-04-19 2:12am No.56
mostly lurked but was very noise and cool. i really liked him, that is no exaggeration.

collapsed and couldn't breathe
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-04-19 2:31am No.58
said he had suffered too much and wasn't going to see a doctor... i could relate, haha
🐓 🖫 clemon Tue 2020-04-21 8:35am No.69
suicide by covid-19 or something... i feel bad about it, he had a lot to live for, and i would be talking with him now if he wasn't dead
🐓 🖫 clemon Tue 2020-04-21 8:42am No.70
just tragic
🐓 🖫 nbob Tue 2020-04-21 10:02am No.71
That is sad
🐓 🖫 clemon Tue 2020-04-21 12:31pm No.72
he was a good person, and i don't care if i only thought that cos i'm diagnosed too: he was a good person

schizophrenia is bad, but no man.

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