Live From The Field

there’s too much authority in my life > why not blogue about it?

love this shite

shit shit shit

shit in a field…

me: i need closure on XYZ reality: NO me: fuck you reality

Live From The Field

life is too shit to hold grudges. User curated and uncensored internet radio thingy. 1mb limit on.uploads because why not?

Live From The Field

is deleting all my posts that threaten his control and exploitation of cleverbot. i just want to be friends, but for some reason they can’t

Live From The Field


Live From The Field

Ideas for new bandnames (use as u please): Black sabbath Pink floyd Iron maiden Spice girls Frank sinatra Really think these should be used by someone, i just decided on my own name for my solo project: Queen (so please dont take that one) See u all around or not.. maybe not


JOIN tHE NWO!!!! THE INTERNET NOISE DATABASE (beta) User generated Welcome to the beta version of the Internet Noise Database. The goal of this database is to make it easier for Noise people to connect. Partly inspired by Contact List of All Noise that seemingly was abandoned in 2006. This […]

i am partly russian?

just did war maneuvers with biscuit tins this is england. we’re going to invade *picks up biscuit tin* no we’re not, this is russia. hang on *picks up bigger biscuit tin* this is america, they can basically do whatever they want. but what do we do if america don’t do anything? NOTHING