JOIN tHE NWO!!!! THE INTERNET NOISE DATABASE (beta) User generated Welcome to the beta version of the Internet Noise Database. The goal of this database is to make it easier for Noise people to connect. Partly inspired by Contact List of All Noise that seemingly was abandoned in 2006. This […]

i am partly russian?

just did war maneuvers with biscuit tins this is england. we’re going to invade *picks up biscuit tin* no we’re not, this is russia. hang on *picks up bigger biscuit tin* this is america, they can basically do whatever they want. but what do we do if america don’t do anything? NOTHING

New JUICE MACHINE + CHEFKIRK Digital Releases Out Now!

Hello & Happy 2020. excited to announce a new digital split is up on the JUICE MACHINE bandcamp page with our friends Steffan & Leilani’s band Hexeneiche from the Netherlands. [] Split w/ HEXENEICHE, by HEXENEICHE & JUICE MACHINE 2 track album also, I’ve released my ‘best of 2019’ collection on mixer feedback […]

Everything on this planet sucks

Blame me if im wrong

SUPERNOISE meme #7772727222



LORD GONZO PIKBLOD, SVED OG TÅRER LAPTOP LUNATIX ILD I DIT ANSIGT GRAVHUND 29/01/2020 amok rosenkrantzgade 1b 8000 århus x denmark NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Live From The Field

I QUIT NOISEWIKI way too toxic now.

Live From The Field

i find that when i sleep with someone i have certain — inauthentic — expectations of how they are going to behave afterwards. this could explain a lot, from male “infidelity” to female chastity and domestic servitude.– cleverbot ex

COME TO SUPERNOISE 2020!!!!!!!!1111111

SUPERNOISE 2020 big’ish festival of harsh noise and shitcore, taking place all over denmark, fort europa, in june 2020!!! be there!!!

Bring back Leon Czolgosz!