423455th incarnation of

🖫 remember that guy i told you about vomitxc. Tue 2020-07-28 11:39pm No.339
youre acting just like him rn, hostile and blaming someone else for your problems.. sounds familiar
🐓 🖫 no Tue 2020-07-28 11:49pm No.353
i do not... zorry lol
🐓 🖫 clemon Wed 2020-07-29 12:06am No.360
mind bogglez if you mean ex huzband or teacher tbqh
🐓 🖫 ha Thu 2020-07-30 7:27pm No.389
waz he me?? haha. i'm ok man, zorry - ztay / leave / whateverzzzz
🐓 🖫 luke Fri 2020-07-31 2:59am No.392
one lazt thing mate... it you won't tell me who've you've zlept with, i really do not what to be your bf lol. zorry, but i would prefer an honezt piece of azz over a loaded one haha

zpam oover

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