423455th incarnation of

🖫 what's the next trick?? clemon Sat 2020-07-18 9:41am No.257
really good at buying sex, sorry, i mean "we may be in love" lol yuck; i'm more out than your ugly bf haha
🐓 🖫 o nein Sat 2020-07-18 9:43am No.258
"you piece of shit" said no-one to me, ever. haha. consider it final.
🐓 🖫 mononine Sat 2020-07-18 10:15am No.260
it's pretty obvious everyone already knows who you are, but whatever love haha
🐓 🖫 clem, oh dead Sat 2020-07-18 2:01pm No.261
face lol

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