423455th incarnation of

🖫 vomitxc. Tue 2020-06-09 1:41am No.190
is ut even Possible to spam... hmmm
🐓 🖫 clemon Tue 2020-06-09 2:18am No.191
i didn't mean to do that haha
🐓 🖫 vomitxc. Tue 2020-06-09 9:19am No.192
do we ever
🐓 🖫 clemon Tue 2020-06-09 5:45pm No.193
small world huh?
🐓 🖫 vomitxc. Tue 2020-06-09 10:57pm No.194
t smallest
🐓 🖫 clemon Wed 2020-06-10 4:19am No.195
if you're cleverbot, please just go away and allow me to have places to speak that don't involve you pretending you don't have malicious reasons for your bizarre and dangerous behaviours. i feel harassed and afraid, and there's no reason not to politely do as i request. IF UR NOT CLEVERBOT THEN WHATEVER
🐓 🖫 clemon Wed 2020-06-10 10:03am No.196
all that happened is that i am being denied any opportunity to end this, while at the same time not having it end... it's an endless cycle of abuse and manipulation for me, anyway. cool
🐓 🖫 anonymous Wed 2020-06-10 10:15am No.197
There is no cleverbot here
🐓 🖫 vomitxc. Wed 2020-06-10 11:34am No.198
i sent you a msg, it’s cool and im not that person. sorry for making you feel uncomfortable
🐓 🖫 clem Wed 2020-06-10 1:28pm No.199
yeah sorry also, being a total dickhead
🐓 🖫 vomitxc. Wed 2020-06-10 1:31pm No.200
nah i get you're on edge if there's something shitty in the background... but it's sorted now..
🐓 🖫 clemon Wed 2020-06-10 5:19pm No.201
sack the moderators :D :D

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