····IT’S ALL NOISE···· by ({Prefix Suffix}) is out *now*

The first of three (3) promised albums by Prefix Suffix for 2021 (twentytwentyone) – the harshest of noise walls mastered to maximum loudness. Available NOW (>>now<<) on deluxe compact cassette 鮆¥ü|œ‹∆‹√ç∫«√©ƒç®∂«ƒ†‹©¥∆ü«çƒ«ƒ†‹¥«|ü|¥ü†¥∂®†ß醮†¥|»ÁÜ»˝››»Á»ˇ˙ÉɇŸ

listen to the first track “””the prefix of prefix is pre””” >>>>>NNNNNOOOOOOOWWWW<<<<<


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