Hull Festival of Sonic Arts

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Hull Festival of Sonic Arts

Unread post by pelle » 1 year ago

En email fra Mark fra Hull Festival of Sonic arts.
Nogen der er fresh?
Mark wrote:
Hi Pelle,

How's the holiday?

I don't suppose you've had chance to drop the idea about the exchange with
any electronic musicians and sound artists whilst you're there?

We've moved the date to the 8-17th of September and I'm hoping to get the
final stage funding application in the next week, so I would need to know
who's interested and available pretty soon, I'd really appreciate if you
could spread the word asap.

We're looking for a few acts to come over and perform at events over the
festival period as a one off and maybe room in the funding for a residency,
although I did have contact with an artist from over there who we have in
mind for that.

There's also scope for a number of workshops which will be paid, so if you
have any ideas of anything you'd like to do, we can probably sort something
out as well as the other artists from over there.

On top of that, it would be great if we could organise an event where we
send some Hull musicians over there, so if you know of a venue who would be
up for it, please do pass on their email and we'll see if there's time to
put that together too.

Hope to hear from you soon, enjoy your holiday!

Best regards,


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Re: Hull Festival of Sonic Arts

Unread post by pelle » 1 year ago

Mark wrote:
Funding is limited, so we will be covering a little more than travel costs.

We are hoping accommodation can be at my home as there's plenty of space
and beds etc, which would also limit costs. We intend to cater for all
visitors as best we can, so most meals will be covered.

Essentially, the less costs we have to cover, the more people we can fly
over here, so it's not so much an artist fee as covering travel,
accommodation, and food with a bit extra on top, artists selected will be
responsible for booking their own flights once we have confirmation of
funding so we can guarantee being able to reimburse them, though with the
funding decision looking like the end of July, we'll be able to settle
costs in advance, so nobody will be out of pocket.

Once we know how much each artist will have to pay to get here, we'll work
out a reasonable amount to add on top to ensure artists will have some
payment for their time.

Artist availability is of course an issue, so if people can let us know
what days they would prefer, we can start putting the Aarhus Exchange part
of the festival programme together.

It will most likely be something in the region of two events with two
Aarhus artists on the bill and one or two local artists per event, plus one
extra as support for the Squarewaves Curates event at some point during the
festival, with one or both of these artists conducting a workshop or artist
talk at each event.

I'm waiting for Søren to get back to me about the residency so we might
already have that covered.

There is only one ticketed event, and the money on the door will be heavily
subsidised by funding, so will only be a token amount to appease the Arts
Council that we can cover some of the costs ourselves.

All other events will be free of charge to encourage attendance. The idea
is to cover costs of getting people over here and compensate them for their
time, so they can share their work and practices with a new audience and if
we could arrange a similar exchange as a one off event in Aarhus with us
covering the cost of travel and having a free place to crash and a venue
willing to put us on for free over there, we'll be able to bring maybe 3
artists from Hull to Aarhus and deliver an artist talk over there, probably
before the festival over here begins.

The website is still under construction whilst we know who is going to be
performing etc and once we've confirmed names and funding, we can start
advertising, I'm a bit embarrassed to share it as yet as there's not much
to say until artists and funding are confirmed! Well spotted though ;-)

If you don't mind spreading the word, please ask Available and interested
parties to email me as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling.

I'm particularly interested in getting in touch with Olga Szymula from
Søren's recommendation and Xenia Xamanek Lopez (Equis) as the latter played
an amazing set in Hull recently and both are students of the Danish
Institute of Electronic Music, so that would be the first port of call.

Do you have a venue in mind for the exchange part? I'm guessing we can get
free accommodation for 3 artists covered for one night over there? Contact
details for the venue would be a massive help. Also, did you want to put on
a workshop or artist talk and perform before you go to London?

Talk soon,


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