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WE are getting closer.
We are slowly destroying the long tentacles of the oppressive
State machine...
secret fi les in the universities
work study in the factories
the census at home
social security fi les
work permits
insurance cards
Bureaucracy and technology used against the people...
To speed up our work
to slow down our minds and actions
to obliterate the truth.
Police computers cannot tell the truth.
They just record our ‘crimes’.
The pig murders go unrecorded.
Stephen McCarthy, Peter Savva
, David Owale
—The murder of
these brothers is not written on any secret card.
We will avenge our brothers.
If they murder another brother or sister, pig blood will fl ow in the
168 explosions last year. Hundreds of threatening calls to govt
bosses, leaders.
The AB is the man or woman sitting next to you They have guns in
their pockets and anger in their minds.
We are getting closer.
Off the system and its property.
Power to the people.

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